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Passing Memories

147cm (W) x 116cm (H) x 3.5cm (D)
acrylic on canvas and gold leaf

$ 3,500.00


Karen Hopkins
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This artwork is part of: VAS George Hicks Foundation Contemporary Exhibition 2023

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This painting was inspired during an artist residency in Venice A city built on water it intrigued me to think of all the memories the water had carried in its flow over the years. Water an essential element for us all to survive but so often taken for granted. Its ebb and flow and its pure energy is a fundamental thread of life. It transforms the world around us, prepares and cleanses the body on many levels. Water is a focal point for many different life stories and memories, a transient force running through our lives connecting us all.

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Passing Memories
Karen Hopkins
147cm (W) x 116cm (H) x 3.5cm (D)
acrylic on canvas and gold leaf
$ 3,500.00
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