A Muse

67cm (W) x 25cm (H) x 13cm (D)
found objects aluminum sculpture wire and ceramic

$ 360.00


Karen Hopkins
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This artwork is part of: VAS George Hicks Foundation Contemporary Exhibition 2023

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This sculpture is created from found objects aluminum sculpture wire and ceramic It pays homage to the muse the strange magical creative energy, sometimes personified. Poem to go with Mixed media sculpture ‘A muse’ A muse Still, silent, alone yet lovingly preserved Framed in dreams and vain imaginings of colorful playthings Amusing a muse thing a using of effervescent timeless creative energy. Reawakening visions of visceral memories. coursing through to the very core Caught in a timeless lapse of stillness and movement Yet … periodically muted and banished towards dancing in the dark and melancholy To move deeply inward bemused and muted Left suspended to ponder the commitment refrain.

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A Muse
Karen Hopkins
67cm (W) x 25cm (H) x 13cm (D)
found objects aluminum sculpture wire and ceramic
$ 360.00
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