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Jill Rogers

I paint using Acrylics Watercolour and oils in an impressionist style which has evolved over 50 years.My drawings and paintings visually reflect on the coastal landscape and Australian cultural affinity with the land and sea. I like to put a feeling of adventure, history and narrative into my work.


Bachelor of Visual Art & Design

Registered Nurse (retired) PHH Melbourne

Post Grad Orth. Rehab. RCH Melbourne

Since the 1970s I have been engaged by various galleries curating and assisting with exhibitions. I was a teacher of fine art in secondary and tertiary institutions from 1995 to 2006. I now enjoy mentoring fellow artists whilst exhibiting and creating new works in my studio at Rhyll, Phillip Island. I am represented in private collections within Australia and around the world including New Zealand, London, Hong Kong, Europe, Canada and America.


Jill Rogers painting in her Studio

Jill Rogers_No Man is an Island Acrylic on Canvas $1900_Winner 2022

'No Man is an Island'


Jill Rogers with her winning painting titled 'No Man is an Island', Acrylic on Canvas, Winner of 1st Prize in the SMLXL Fine Art Print Studio Maritime Exhibition

Photography by Ron Smith OAM HON FVAS, VAS Councillor.

At the age of eleven, I was influenced by the Australian watercolourist Colin Heaviside, my school friend’s father. His wonderful impressionist paintings left such a mark. I decided then and there, I would, one day be an artist. My parents dispelled such a foolish idea and I was discouraged to pursue art as a career. However, I persisted to paint and at the age of 16 entered my first combined art show, selling my first painting. The dye was set.


I took up nursing as a career, whilst painting and drawing in my quarters after busy long days on the wards. I drew caricatures of the patients and medical staff, and excelled in anatomical drawing.

After four years of training, I moved to a remote area of Victoria and the solitary life suited me. I felt at one with the landscape. Whilst raising a family, I was awarded a distance scholarship in drawing from the Melbourne School of Art. These were the days before online learning on computers was possible. The experience polished my design and perspective skills.


'Glass Fishing Buoys', Acrylic on Canvas by Jill Rogers

During the 1970s a move to the Mornington Peninsula enabled me to connect with several artists societies and I began exhibiting and selling my work. I returned to nursing and, at the same time, produced line drawings for brochures and advertising for real estate agents. This was the time before digital cameras and mobile phones—imagine that. I enjoyed window dressing boutiques and designed logos, painting murals for retail businesses and shopping centres.

In 1994 a relocation to the North Coast NSW fuelled a desire for a midlife career change. I took the plunge, retired from nursing and happily completed a Bachelor of Visual Art and Design. The knowledge and skills that I gained have been so beneficial to my ensuing arts practice.


'Still Rhyll', Acrylic on Canvas by Jill Rogers


'Winter Phillip Island', Acrylic on Canvas by Jill Rogers

Working and teaching at TAFE gave me the opportunity to share these skills, whilst participating in group and solo exhibitions. I enjoyed the opportunities of working in several galleries, curating and assisting various exhibitions, meeting the public and mixing with fellow artists.

2008 saw another move, this time to Phillip Island, where I retired determined to work in my studio full time.

My artistic journey began over 60 years ago when I started painting in watercolour, moving to oils, then acrylic paint. Using all three mediums, I experimented with styles and approaches over the years, from complete abstraction to surrealism, paintings referring to suppression and colonialism, feminism, you name it. However I feel that I have come full circle and now paint landscapes and maritime themes in acrylic and watercolour, which give me joy and happiness and challenge.


'Summer at Surf Beach', Acrylic on Canvas by Jill Rogers

I have a process of painting which starts with a visual idea or an experience of being on locale, often snapping a photo for reference. I think a lot before starting and after I’m done with the most of the pondering (which never stops), I consider the importance of composition, and tonal values before moving on to colour and hue. A few sketches in a journal can be followed by a small study, then I let fly at the canvas, linen, or watercolour paper. I use only the best artist quality materials to achieve a predicted outcome. Then I stop when the painting is not too complete to avoid overworking and exhausting the subject.

I have been influenced by many artists over the years but rather than emulating, I have chosen to tread my own path. I so often see the ridiculously funny side of life and maybe this comes out in my paintings.


'After the Storm', Watercolour by Jill Rogers


'Sunset Serenade Glenelg', Watercolour by Jill Rogers


'Minah Swansong', Acrylic on Linen by Jill Rogers


'Wooden Boats Rhyll,' Acrylic on Canvas by Jill Rogers

To make sure I never stop learning as an artist, I participate in workshops, life drawing and discussion groups. I am currently being tutored by master watercolourist David Taylor.

My paintings visually reflect on the coastal landscape and Australian cultural affinity with the land and sea. I like to put a feeling of adventure, history and narrative into my work.

I am represented in private collections within Australia and around the world including New Zealand, London, Hong Kong, Europe, Canada and America.

Works by Jill Rogers

Splendid Aurora Kilcunda
Splendid Aurora Kilcunda
Jill Rogers
23cm (W) x 13cm (H)
$ 165.00
Tacking Point.jpg
Tacking Point
Jill Rogers
23cm (W) x 13cm (H)
$ 165.00
Washed Ashore newhaven.jpg
Washed Ashore Newhaven
Jill Rogers
80cm (W) x 60cm (H) x 1.5cm (D)
Watercolour on Arches paper
$ 820.00
Catch of the Day Hobart.jpg
Catch of the Day Hobart
Jill Rogers
79cm (W) x 63cm (H) x 5cm (D)
Acrylic on stretched canvas
$ 850.00
Jill Rogers_Winter Phillip Island_ Acrylic_ 160616.jpg
Winter Phillip Island
Jill Rogers
95cm (W) x 95cm (H) x 5cm (D)
Professional grade acrylic paint
$ 1,800.00
Burnt Banksias at Broulee Beach
Jill Rogers
23cm (W) x 13cm (H)
Acrylic and Banksia charcoal fragments

Not for sale
Sunset Serenade, Glenelg
Jill Rogers
66cm (W) x 86cm (H) x 3cm (D)
Watercolour on Arches300gsm
$ 1,300.00
Summer at Surf Beach
Jill Rogers
95cm (W) x 95cm (H) x 5cm (D)
Acrylic on Canvas
$ 1,900.00
Jill Rogers
105cm (W) x 105cm (H) x 5cm (D)
Acrylic on linen
No Man is an Island
Jill Rogers
95cm (W) x 95cm (H) x 4cm (D)
Acrylic on Canvas
Award Winner Banner
$ 1,900.00
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