Lotus No.20

50.8cm (W) x 61cm (H) x 1.5cm (D)
Oil on Canvas

$ 800.00


Lihong Zhang
Lotus as a reflection of artist’s culture and a subject for the further exploration of impression. These works have a sensitivity to color and light, bringing a fresh interpretation to the impressionist oeuvre. The Lotus flower series have strong personal character with the color and the stroke, which could be recognized as Lihong’s style. The artist works with the season, infatuated with the lifecycle of the lotus in particular. From the seedpod to the blooming baby lotus to the full-grown adult flower, Lihong’s oil paintings are imbued with beauty that seems to come from a different period modern impression that are recognizable without being realistic. The artworks are built up layer by layer, the final result is saturated field of color, filled with real life scenes that have been sieved through a kaleidoscopic artistic imagination.

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