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Dr K Phelps

I have lived one of those colourful lives people like writing about in biographies. Only while you are living it--it's often confusing, difficult, and sometimes traumatic. Does it make me a better artist? Well, it means I have a lot of experience to draw from. I am also more passionate about things such as social justice, the environment, and the need for life-affirming culture change. I am equally passionate about joy, kindness, and laughter. These are critical to our well-being. My paintings are heartfelt expressions of my love for living beings and our living world.


My mother taught art. So, I was home educated in art skills. I also grew up reading books about art and artists. I studied creative writing at the University of Washington with writer and artist Dr Charles Johnson who is on the Pulitzer Prize committee. I was independently mentored by Finnish artist Carole Taipale-Nurmesniemi. I was the art editor for Bricolage literary magazine. My PhD from RMIT was in storytelling for computer game design. 

For over a quarter century I have been the webmaster for William Mora Galleries. I also wrote the foreword for the book new art from Tasmania: The Caravan Moves On, paintings by Elizabeth Barsham. I have created posters, sets, and props (including a realistic elephant skull!) for theatre productions of my plays. I also funded these by offering prints of my artworks on crowdfunding sites. I am an artist in a very broad sense, and fully understand the demands of creativity and art.

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