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Elizabeth Moore Golding


Elizabeth Moore Golding sketching at Siena Piazza del Campo in Italy.

As a child I was encouraged to draw on any of the large envelopes, cartridge paper to be found around our house. There were always art materials available as my mother, who had trained to be a fashion artist in the 1930s, could never shake the habit of sketching people. It just seemed right for me to do the same.

At the Ruth Tuck School of Art in Adelaide I learnt to be generous with watercolour and to use a dip pen to describe images. Ruth encouraged colour and movement and characterful images and to be impressionistic. I still love to paint people and love colour.

After a number of years of teaching children and then adult student teachers, I was delighted eventually to spend more time on my art and I renewed my membership of the VAS. An invitation to join their untutored Friday Group in 2015 and to paint live models was just what I wanted. To be surrounded by talented artists, some of whom have been awarded VAS Artist of the Year, and many of whom are multi-awarded, was and is exciting. It is fulfilling to be expressive without the pressure of performing.

As a member of the VAS the opportunity arose to enter exhibitions which I have been doing since 2016 and I began entering other art competitions. I then had the unexpected pleasure to receive a number of Highly Commended awards at VAS exhibitions, to receive the important Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors (MSWPS) Award on three occasions (twice jointly), and to receive Best in Show, First and Second Prizes at the Royal Melbourne Show and major awards at the Camberwell Art Show, amongst others. 

I love to view original paintings in galleries, to look closely to try and detect colours used and follow the brush strokes. I particularly love impressionistic and fauvist art, but I don’t wish to slavishly follow someone else’s style of painting.


‘Lost in thought’, Oil on board by Elizabeth Moore Golding. Painted from life in the Friday Group, VAS


'Lighthouse walk, Isle of Mull no.3', Pens and watercolour on Arches paper by Elizabeth Moore Golding. Preliminary sketch done soon after this walk. I take a sketch kit with me always when we travel.


‘Vernazza, Cinque Terra, Italy’, Pens and watercolour on drawing paper by Elizabeth Moore Golding. Sketched and completed on site.


'Felicity—city woman’,  Oil on board by Elizabeth Moore Golding. This was painted from life in the Friday Group VAS. It was awarded the Constance Wu MSWPS award, jointly with another artist 2017.


‘Autumn Tiergarten Berlin’, Oil on linen by Elizabeth Moore Golding. The Tiergarten is a wonderful forest of colour in Autumn and I loved interpreting it in this way. 

Works by Elizabeth Moore Golding

Summer dawn, Gariwerd, Grampians, 2021
Elizabeth Moore Golding
69cm (W) x 53cm (H) x 3cm (D)
Watercolour and pens.
$ 1,200.00
Elizabeth Moore Golding
70cm (W) x 100cm (H) x 4cm (D)
Acrylic on stretched canvas
$ 750.00
A Portrait of Chiara
Elizabeth Moore Golding
40cm (W) x 50cm (H) x 0.5cm (D)
Oil on composition board.
$ 950.00
End of Winter, Green Park London
Elizabeth Moore Golding
65cm (W) x 55cm (H) x 4cm (D)
Watercolour and pens on 300gsm Arches paper.
$ 950.00
Elizabeth Moore Golding
78cm (W) x 109cm (H) x 2.5cm (D)
Oil on board
$ 2,200.00
Elizabeth Moore Golding
54cm (W) x 64cm (H) x 4cm (D)
Oil on composition board.

Not for sale
​It must be Spring
Elizabeth Moore Golding
52cm (W) x 42cm (H)
Pen and watercolour

Not for sale

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