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Woman of Substance

42.5cm (W) x 54.3cm (H) x 3cm (D)
Pencil on Paper

$ 600.00


Sudha Palani

This artwork is part of: VAS Portrait Exhibition 2024

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A woman of substance ... How to be grateful during this hard time? This beauty name is Vellammal, 90 years old from Tamil nadu, south part of India. She doesn't have proper place to live, proper clothes and food. Recently, she has received her Covid relief fund, a bag of full of essential needs for food and 2000Rs($35.50AUD).  She was so excited and happy. She was posing with her hand full of stuffs and four 500rupees to the photographer with lot of happiness. She is grateful for what she had at that moment. Her smile is my inspiration. Just trying to learn from her. If we are satisfied, happy and grateful for what we have, then we don't complain about our life and live peacefully. Covid has taught so many lessons to everyone. Yes, for me too. When compare to Vellammal paatti and so many other people struggling around the world, I feel that we are safe and well. I have so much to appreciate in my life. Thanks to @Jackson_herby for freezing this beautiful moment and reference image.

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