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The Norma Bull Portraiture Scholarship AWARD

The Norma Bull Portraiture Scholarship Award is made available through the bequest of the late Norma Bull. It is open to all students enrolled in a tertiary Arts Course or in classes conducted by an approved art association or art teacher in Victoria.

This is a biennial award, which aims to encourage students of all ages to advance in the Naturalist style. In 2023 the scholarship is for $5000. The winner will receive $2,500 at the award’s announcement.  Within 12 months the winner will report on the progress in their studies to receive the final $2,500.

The award is open to students of art of all ages and experience levels, whether this be in university, through the Victorian Artists Society or other art schools, informal institutions, societies or with a private tutor. You do not need to be a university student to enter. This scholarship is open to beginners and advanced students working in the Naturalist style.


Gamer Girl by Phill Roberts-Norma Bull Winner 2023

'Gamer Girl', Acrylic by Phillip Roberts, Winner 2023

Norma Bull

Norma Bull was born in Melbourne in 1906.  As an artist she was most active in England during World War II and famous for her wartime depictions.  Her skills were diverse with etching and painting being her focus.  The opening of her exhibition, ‘War time Britain’ on 4th December 1947 was attended by her Majesty the Queen of England.  In the prelude to this exhibition one journalist expressed ‘What I liked most was the artist’s enthusiasm: it seemed to me she felt she had a message to give to the people of Australia’. After a long and distinguished career, she passed away in 1980 after a trust was set up to celebrate the study of art in the form of naturalistic portraiture.


Norma Bull, 'Painting with blue headdress,' oil. VAS permanent collection.

Past Exhibitions

USE_Swathi Madike_Shakthi copy
VAS Norma Bull Scholarship Award Exhibition 2021
10 Nov 2021 – 15 Dec 2021

Gamer Girl by Phill Roberts-Norma Bull Winner 2023
VAS Norma Bull Scholarship Award Exhibition 2023
10 Aug 2023 – 21 Aug 2023

Gamer Girl by Phill Roberts-Norma Bull Winner 2023

'Gamer Girl', Acrylic by Phillip Roberts, Winner 2023

USE_Swathi Madike_Shakthi
'Shakthi', Oil on Canvas by Swathi Madike, Winner 2021


'Self Portrait in Black Jacket', oil on linen by Tyler Arnold, Winner Norma Bull Scholarship 2019

2c_i_NORMA BULL_2017
2017: 'Portrait of Greg Smith', by Rachel Dettmann-Smith

2c_i_NORMA BULL_2015
2015: 'Steve', by Fiona O'Byrne
2c_i_NORMA BULL_2013
2013: Noralisa Speranza

2c_i_NORMA BULL_2011
2011: 'Portrait of Peter Smales', by Cherry Manders
2c_i_NORMA BULL_2009
2009: Stephen Doyle

2007: D McDonald

2005: Jenny Mackay

2003: Lisa Li

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