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1 Jul 2021 - 12 Jul 2021
'The gazelle trembles,/ As the lions roar./ The hyena shambles,/ But ART GIVES MORE’. 

About Still Life art—mine, and in general: 

Are there any rules?—no rules! 

So how is quality to be measured? 

There is the usual, traditional outlook I suppose. 

But how to measure the good from the not so good if ’tradition’ 

is not the artists’ outlook or objective? 

There is no exact method for an ‘objective’ measuring of art— 

a work either ‘works’ or it doesn’t! 

To what extent does art involve/depend, on a leap of the imagination? 

The creative process depends on a long series of such leaps. 

How important is originality? 

The image is in the material and the imagination sees and 

translates onto the canvas etc. 

It takes the inner seeing eye to find what the artist ’seeks’ in a 

painting.  It takes a fearless willingness to translate an image in 

league with one’s imagination. To paint, is not to take a photograph. 

Take a chance is my approach, just do it! 

All of the above view has been stated most admirably by 

Kirt Schwitters in one of his last poems: 

'The gazelle trembles, 

As the lions roar. 

The hyena shambles, 


Banner Image: 'Pears and Plums', by Raffaella Torresan

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