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Lois Lanoix

Loïs Lanoix, a visionary female artist, has painted since time immemorial, employing her canvases as windows into the depths of her introspective soul. As an introvert, she finds solace and expression in the vibrant world of colors, where her love for the hues mirrors a spiritual connection embedded in her art.

Defying the constraints of conventional belief systems, Loïs staunchly rejects limitations, both in her artistic philosophy and in her conviction that art is not confined to any singular demographic. Her artistic journey began at the esteemed École Condé in Lyon, where she honed her skills in applied arts, setting the foundation for her later exploration into various mediums. While initially showcasing her talent as a plastic artist in exhibitions, Loïs kept her paintings private, a deeply personal reservoir of emotions and experiences. The fear of exposing such intimate reflections held her back, yet she transcended those trepidations, allowing the world a glimpse into her intricate artistic universe.


Lanoix's love for color becomes a conduit for the spiritual energy pulsating through her work. Each stroke is an invocation, a testament to her belief in art as a limitless, boundless realm. Her intuitive painting style flows effortlessly, a visual representation of years spent in introspection and honing the keen perception of her artistic eye. Through her art, Loïs defies the notion that creativity is reserved for a select few, opening doors for diverse voices to contribute to the ever-evolving narrative of human expression. The artist's evolution from applied arts to abstract painting is a testament to her commitment to personal growth. Lanoix navigates the complexities of her own artistic language, translating emotions into colors and shapes that resonate universally.

Her journey encompasses numerous exhibitions as a plastic artist before unveiling her deeply personal paintings to the public. This transition marks a pivotal moment, where Lanoix bravely confronts vulnerability, allowing her art to become a bridge connecting the internal with the external. The spirit of intuition permeates her creations, where each piece is a visual symphony, a harmonious composition of the soul's whispers. Lanoix's oeuvre stands as a testament to the courage required to bare one's artistic soul to the world.

Her works, born from years of introspective exercises and a refined artistic eye, transcend mere visual appeal, inviting viewers to partake in a shared journey of emotion and contemplation. In essence, Loïs Lanoix's biography is a narrative of resilience, self-discovery, and the relentless pursuit of artistic truth. From the structured realm of applied arts to the boundless abstraction of emotions, Lanoix's art radiates a spiritual luminosity that defies boundaries and invites all to explore the profound depths of the human experience through the expressive language of colors and shapes

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From Above: A Contemporary Abstract Painting Exhibition
8 Mar 2024 – 25 Mar 2024

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