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First Capture (Exhibition PR Image) 'No difference my dear... Today me, tomorrow you.' jpg

Ivana Marić & Trudy Kelder—Alike 

Location: Eileen Mackley Member's Room

15 Mar 2022 - 31 Mar 2022
‘Alike’ is a work of conceptual jewellery by Ivana Marić, which examines the most profound and intimate of female relationships—those between mothers and daughters, sisters, best friends.

It has been scientifically proven that some of the strongest relationships that exist in nature are those between two women.

The jewellery pieces take form of breast shields—an ancient form of adornment, often designed to provide protection for the most vital of organs—our heart. The project relies on that symbolism throughout the series and explores the coexisting paradox of deepest love and injury—often equally self-inflicted when projected out, and speaks of the uniquely female narrative, present from the beginning of time.

Although the jewellery pieces can function separately, their true potency becomes apparent only when viewed with their corresponding pair. Similar choice of material, execution and perceived likeness between each of the pairs, closes in around a single, intimate theme—each presenting an interaction centred on: motherhood, empathy, friendship trust, envy, rivalry …

For this exhibition, Ivana Marić teams up with photographer Trudy Kelder in exploration of universal female themes that connect us and also tear us apart. The photo-narrative borrows from art, history and contemporary culture, but the sitters were all pooled from the artists’ closest friends and family, making this project an intimate journey. 

This exhibition is a part of Radiant Pavilion Objects and Jewellery Biennale 2021.

Opening event, Friday September 3 2021, 6pm–9pm

Banner Image: 'No difference, my dear—today me, tomorrow you’

(inscription from an ancient grave in Vrboska, Croatia)

One piece is modelled on idealised, antique female breasts, and other on the actual post-mastectomy reconstructed and tattooed pair of female breasts. 

Theme: Empathy, fragility of existence, loss of femininity, universal female fear of breast cancer

Material: hand-made porcelain, leather and fabric straps.

Fifth Capture -Nature and Nurture

'Nature and Nurture'

Theme: Imprints of inherited and learned on our children. Motherhood, love, adoration, trust, legacy.

Material: Silver, found antique objects, human hair, printed fabric, gold leaf, impregnated artist canvas, personal jewellery.

Third Capture - 'Seeing anyone interesting today'

'Seeing anyone interesting today?'

Theme: Youth, sisterhood, friendship, light gossip, intimate morning routine. 

Material: Painted fabric, silicone cast of daughter’s ear, antique picture frame, headphones,
personal jewellery item.

Sixt Capture - Into the Full and Empty Space

'Into the full and empty space'

Theme: Friendship, sisterhood, comparison, competition, peer pressure, fragility and pressures of youth.

Material: White clay, painted artist canvas, fabric, suspenders.

VAS edited image

'She puts her gloves of needles and pins … she strokes me, then she beats me'

Theme: Sisterhood, love, conflict, tension and power-struggle.

Material: Painted artist canvas, gesso, handmade and found porcelain flowers, sharp household items.

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