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Hugues Scheid

Hugues Scheid, also known by the pseudonym H, is a French sculptor hailing from Reims in Champagne. Having graduated in carpentry and fitting, Hugues continued his studies in the fine arts at the École Boulle in Paris, specializing in the wood sculpture workshop. His studies primarily focused on drawing, clay modeling, and direct wood carving under the enlightened guidance of his mentors Patrick Blanchard and Yorane Lebovici.

Directly inspired by eminent French and Italian sculptors such as Rodin, Houdon, and Michelangelo, his education sensitized him to human anatomy, busts, and portraits.

Freshly graduated, Hugues Scheid decided to try his luck internationally by approaching the film production workshops at Weta Workshop in Wellington, New Zealand, where he secured a contract for the movie "District 9". In 2009, upon returning to France, he gathered his tools and financial resources for a one-way ticket to Melbourne, where he currently resides.

Since 2021, Hugues Scheid has been dedicated to a unique collection centered around hands, providing a retrospective of his last 15 years of work and resilience through the portrayal of the hand and its strength. Over time and through his creations, H refines both his technical and artistic skills, realizing that being an artist is not merely about making a living from one's art but is, above all, an art of living.

Classes by Hugues Scheid

Hugues Scheid Hand

Sculpting the Hand Short Course

Hugues Scheid
Monday mornings - 5 week term
29 Jan 2024 – 26 Feb 2024
10:00 am – 12:30 pm
This focused course is a great opportunity to comprehend the mechanism of the hand rendered through realist sculpture.
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