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Gino Severin

Born in a small town in North East Victoria, I am stem from an Italian migrant family who were farmers for more than 40 years. My early inspiration came from my father who was a talented illustrator with a passion for architecture, however he left all that behind when migrating to Australia in the 1960's. My talents were clear when my highest performing subjects at school was art and art studies, however a life as an artist was not encouraged. 

From time to time I dabbled in my art however, as happens to many, life and the responsibility of a family quickly took priority. After taking some art classes in the 00's, I was inspired to pursue it further that culminated in my first exhibition at the Brunswick Street Gallery in 2015 called "Phoenix".

In 2017 I hit a bump in the road from a health perspective, which has caused a re-evaluation of my life. I decided to make the transition to full time artist. I was inspired during the 2020 pandemic to paint again, which culminated into two recent exhibitions at the Glimmer Gallery in Caulfield North. 

Currently living in Caulfield South, I am finally pursuing my life's ambition of being a creator and artist. “Be bold, take risks and begin the journey to discover your potential... don’t be afraid to tell your own story through a creative path!”


From an early age, Gino Severin’s life ambition was to be an artist and painter, finding his talents in illustration and painting. Growing upon a farm in a small regional Victorian town, he found much of his inspiration in mother nature. Largely self-taught, and having grown up on a farm he brings a wide variety of practical skills and creativity to everything he works on.

Works by Gino Severin

Gino Severin
23cm (W) x 13cm (H)
Oil on Board
$ 150.00
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