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Exhibition Details



Only one ‘not for sale’ work per member can be exhibited each year in any of the VAS exhibitions including the Select and AOTY exhibitions.

Entry is $10 per small artwork for non-Select Exhibitions. Entry is $20 per small artwork for Select Exhibitions.

All works must be signed by the artist. A certificate of authenticity attached to the back is recommended.

A commission (28%) will be charged for each sale and the balance paid to the artist within 15 working days from the end of the exhibition.

Artwork size limits & ENtry fees

Small works have a combined height and width of under 180cm. Paintings with a combined height and width greater than 180cm are considered large works and are charged an additional entry fee for the handling and extra space required for hanging. The entry fee for large works is $25 for the three Select Exhibitions and $15 for other exhibitions.

Due to gallery curating requirements, the maximum size of all artwork entered into any VAS Exhibition must not exceed 600cm, measured around the perimeter. Note: This condition does not apply to the Artist of the Year Exhibition.


Digital works are currently accepted in all exhibitions except the 3 Select Exhibitions and the Artist of the Year Award Exhibition. We currently do not accept works of photography in VAS exhibitions except for the ‘Digital and Non-Traditional Exhibition’


Select exhibitions—Autumn, Winter, Spring. The minimum sale price for select exhibition works is $400. The selection for these exhibitions is undertaken by an experienced panel of selectors convened by the President of the VAS, based on quality, execution and presentation.

Works entered into the three Select Exhibitions must not have been previously shown in a VAS Exhibition.


To be eligible for the Artist of the Year Award and Sculptor of the Year Award when held, artists must enter and be selected for at least two of the three ‘Select’ exhibitions during the year: Autumn, Winter and Spring. Entry into the Artist of the Year is by invitation only based on votes received during the Select Exhibitions.

At least one work entered into the AOTY must not have been shown before in a VAS Exhibition.


All financial members are encouraged to vote in Select Exhibitions, i.e. Autumn, Winter and Spring. Only invited exhibiting artists are eligible to vote in the Artist of the Year and Sculptor of the Year Exhibitions when held.


When submitting artworks to an exhibition, artists must include an Art Tag. The cardboard tag must be attached via a length of string to an upper back corner, so that the tag hangs down below the frame. Information on the tag must include the name of the exhibition, artwork title, medium, price, the artist’s name and award status (Signatory or Fellowship). The artist’s name must be on the back of the work.


The presentation of artworks is important—works may be rejected because of unsuitable or amateurish mounting and framing. Metal & Plastic frames are unsuitable for hanging as are thin wooden frames.  All works must be signed with the name of the artist added to the back. Unframed stretched canvas artworks must have clean or painted edges.


Due to lack of available space and storage, artworks must be collected after the exhibition at the advised date between 11am–3pm weekdays only. No responsibility can be accepted for works not collected within 14 days of the closing date of an exhibition. Other pickup times can be arranged with the office. 


The Victorian Artists Society staff, agents, members or volunteers will exercise all reasonable and due care in handling the works submitted but will not be responsible for and you shall indemnify the society for any loss or any damage to any works while in the custody of the society, its staff, its members or volunteers or for the time being agents of the society.

Artists are responsible for insuring their Artwork against loss or damage whether in custody of the Victorian Artists Society or in transit.

The Society has limited insurance cover for works included in an exhibition or left in its care.

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