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Denise Nethercote

I love to see the colours and shapes in my surroundings.  My photos inspire me to record the patterns and play of light either in watercolour or oils.


I've joined in with many classes at VAS and been a member for 12 years. Tonal Impressionism/realism being the focus.


Denise Nethercote painting plein air at the Blue Lotus Water Garden at Yarra Junction

I’ve always loved to draw and paint and strive to create an image that appeals. I’m often drawn to a subject because of the play of light or perhaps there is a pattern that intrigues me, using colour boldly in some cases where the subject requires it. I feel it is part of the creative process to look at your surroundings with an artist’s eye, and it is not unusual for me to remark 'That would make a great painting!'


'Earl Grey please', watercolour on paper by Denise Nethercote


'Echeveria elegans', watercolour on paper by Denise Nethercote

My first dabbles with watercolour were as a child.  I had a tin watercolour paintbox and an inexpensive brush. I was immediately drawn to try and paint the landscape view from our verandah and not just use the colouring books on hand.

During high school and as part of our art education we visited the National Gallery of Victoria where the Impressionist Exhibition was being held. I was very fond of Monet’s work and are still inspired by the Impressionists today. Around this time my girlfriend and I bought oil paints, brushes and boards and travelled by train to Eltham or Hurstbridge to paint en plein air and capture the light and paint like an impressionist. The painting bug had bitten.

After a long break, I decided to have formal oil painting classes at the Victorian Artists Society in East Melbourne. I had an excellent beginning with Christine Wrest-Smith and then progressed to Tonal Impressionist classes with Ray Hewitt. More skills were refined with Paul McDonald-Smith. As a member of the Victorian Artists Society for over 10 years, I have enjoyed socializing and painting with many like-minded artists and travelling to Paint Out days and weekend painting trips. I feel it is important to paint outdoors as often as I can. It can be exciting to capture the moment and therefore I tend to paint quickly.
Other workshops and summer courses included Portraiture in Oils with Lee Machelak, an Oils Workshop in Modern Impressionism with Colley Whisson, and a Watercolour Workshop with Ted Dansey.

More recently I’ve had watercolour classes with Antoinette Blyth which has given me great grounding.  During the Melbourne COVID lockdowns classes continued with Antoinette via Zoom.  Many of the floral watercolours shown in my 2023 first solo Exhibition ‘Brushwork’ were done during this time. 
I became a member of the Watercolour Society of Victoria and have exhibited with the Wednesday Wanderers Zoom group at AGRA in March 2022. The Connections Exhibition was the first time our Zoom group had met face to face during COVID and it was an exciting time.


'Protea', watercolour on paper by Denise Nethercote


'Barwon River high tide at Barwon Heads', watercolour on paper by Denise Nethercote


'The Studio', oil on canvas board by Denise Nethercote


'Browns Beach, Kangaroo Island, SA', oil on canvas board by Denise Nethercote

The Watercolour Society of Victoria invited artists to contribute work to the National Trust. The exhibition compiled by Wayne Degenhardt was on display at Como House in 2021 and a publication titled Small Wonders, The Collection of the Artworks from the Giant Miniature Art Exhibition contains my work as well as over 80 other artists. It was such a thrill to see these miniatures on display.

’m also an exhibiting member of the Sherbrooke Art Society in Belgrave where recently I was very happy to receive the Barbara Beasley-Southgate Emerging Artist Award in their Spring Exhibition for my watercolour ‘Montsalvat Door’. The judging was done by Fiona Bilbrough who is a Twenty Melbourne Painters Society member.

Being an artist, I enjoy the process of creating. The brushwork tells the story.


'Montsalvat Door', watercolour on paper by Denise Nethercote


'Wilpena Pound, SA', oil on canvas by Denise Nethercote

Exhibitions & Events by Denise Nethercote
Denise Nethercote Image 2
Denise Nethercote—BrushWork
2 Feb 2023 - 27 Feb 2023

Works by Denise Nethercote

Pink Camellia
Denise Nethercote
44cm (W) x 45cm (H) x 2cm (D)
Watercolour on paper
$ 500.00
Denise Nethercote
56cm (W) x 56cm (H) x 4cm (D)
oil on stretched canvas
$ 450.00
Denise Nethercote
70cm (W) x 60cm (H) x 3cm (D)
Oil on canvas board
$ 600.00
Stonework Variation
Stonework Variation I
Denise Nethercote
41cm (W) x 51cm (H) x 2cm (D)
Oil on canvas board
$ 350.00
Tree Barkus
Denise Nethercote
51cm (W) x 61cm (H) x 3.5cm (D)
Oil paint
$ 450.00
Guildford quirky door
Denise Nethercote
40cm (W) x 50cm (H) x 1cm (D)
$ 350.00

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