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Byron Copland

Byron Copland

Byron Copland is an Australian Painter born in Wollongong, 1990.

From a family of Artists/Teachers, Byron has drawn since he could hold a pencil. At 21 he travelled to Europe in search of an education in painting that would connect him to the paintings he loved - the dazzling energy of the Baroque with it’s dramatic reveries, the serene yet mysterious beauty of the renaissance in its classicised forms looking back to the grace and quiet grandeur of Greek Antiquity, it’s further iterations dubbed Neoclassicism emerging in the 18th century and continuing into the 19th, and of course the perceptual romance of the impressionists. It is in these wanderings he found Studio Escalier and the Museums of the world with their vaults of Masterpieces. Returning each year for as long as he could (6 to 8 months at a time), Byron would study in a studio setting with some of the best painters/teachers working today and complimented this with countless hours of drawing the collections of paintings and sculpture found in museums such as The Louvre, The Prado and The V&A.

Byron now lives in Melbourne painting Still life, Landscape and anyone who will sit still long enough. He loves all painting, regardless of style or aesthetic as long as it has some kernel of truth. He has been awarded the A.M.E Bale prize for works on paper 2018, The Kennedy Art Prize 2022 and a William Fletcher Foundation Grant 2022, has been a finalist in numerous events and a part of a number of group exhibitions. His work is held in private collections in Australia, England and France.

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