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Leanne Savory

Painting for me is all about the experience. I love the joy and freedom I feel painting from life, nothing else exists for those moments, only the beauty of the subject that lay before me.

I remember as a child the excitement of summer holidays with my family. Heading towards N.S.W. one year and winding our way through the Yarra Valley, I had my first meeting with the Great Dividing Range. It took my breath away. I was so small peering out from the car window as the landscape rolled by, vast and majestic – something got me right in the heart and I yearned to express it. Thus began my lifelong journey of capturing those fleeting moments of beauty that surround us every day.

I am based in the gorgeous, leafy, outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne with my family and love spending time alongside other artists pottering around attempting to capture the landscape and various subjects. 

I like to work with oils in the traditional tonal method, which I have spent time learning from two wonderful teachers; Molly Roche at Ringwood Art Society and Don James at the Montsalvat Painting School. I find it soothing and peaceful. Laying the paints out in order, resting my eyes on the subject, methodically mixing tones and then diligently placing them on the canvas with as much precision as my eyes will allow me.


2014-current Studying tonal painting with Don James at Montsalvat Painting School

2003-2011 Studied tonal painting with Molly Roche at Ringwood Art Society

1989-2003 Attended various art classes exploring different materials and methods

1986-1989 Attended Melbourne College of Printing & Graphic Arts.

Works by Leanne Savory

Mullum track stroll
36cm (W) x 43.5cm (H) x 1cm (D)
Oil on Linen
$ 475.00
Across the Bay
40.5cm (W) x 33cm (H) x 2cm (D)
Watercolor on cotton paper
$ 250.00
Friday Night Groove
66cm (W) x 75cm (H) x 4.5cm (D)
Oil on Canvas
$ 2,400.00
Outback Melbourne 'burbs'—Black Springs Rd
Leanne Savory
57.5cm (W) x 37.5cm (H) x 2.5cm (D)
Oil on Canvas
$ 1,295.00

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