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Donna Prentice

Encounters with animals create lasting memories for us all, from the soft pats of baby animals to the hair-raising swoop of a magpie.  

The animals I paint all relate to real-life experiences.  Each has its own place in my heart.  Their intricate details are woven through layers upon layers of watercolour building texture and movement into the paper.  Every brush stroke is designed to express their unique personality.

Each painting invites you to remember the sacredness of nature.  These animals are our reminders of how much we need nature to be happy, healthy humans.


Donna paints just in case you didn't get to grow up with rescued possums peeing in your bed, never patted an echidna's tummy, hugged a koala, or got to take rescued snakes to school for show-and-tell.  

As a child of the 70s a career in the arts was discouraged.  Many jobs, a degree and 3 kids later, she is putting her love of wildlife on paper and digging back to her roots with a fisheries and wildlife father.  

Donna is happy painting in her lounge room where she can spot the 84 different species of birds that flit through the property in North East Victoria.    

If Donna isn't home, she'll see you out in the bush somewhere.

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