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Bronwen Hunt

Bronwen lives in the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne together with some horses, sheep, dogs, cats, a canary, a mob of kangaroos and family. She paints mainly with oils often using cold wax medium.  Her paintings are developed from observational sketches made on site and then revisited in the studio.  Whilst remaining largely figurative, she pays homage to contemporary art theory.  Subjects include landscape, figure, still life and animal studies.


Bronwen is tutored by Australian artist Ron Reynolds.

I grew up in Eltham, Victoria. An area rich in artistry as well as natural beauty. As long as I can recall, I enjoyed drawing and was encouraged in my early endeavours from schoolteachers and others.


I think many artists feel that their emergence in this field is a lot like their work. It begins by observation which ignites their imagination, this leads to a number of sketches (many of which end up in the bin), it requires a moment of boldness as brush hits canvas and often entails a pause or hiatus, in which—amidst much critique—things get turned upside down. Eventually something begins to emerge that gives you a quiet thrill and the hope that you just may end up with the very thing you pictured early on. And occasionally—something even better.


'Blue Gloaming', oil on board by Bronwen Hunt

Like many, the practicalities of life; of raising four children, of school runs and making sandwiches soon dominates one’s time. However, even in the seemingly mundane there are riches to be discovered. Consoling children over, a bad haircut, a difficult day at school, or the larger reality of real loss and grief, kept me in touch with the everyday and helped to shape themes which would later emerge in my art.

Local courses and casual intensives allowed me some opportunity to develop my technique, but it took some time to settle on a medium that would satisfy both my desired outcome and my need for flexibility. Early on I dabbled in pastels, acrylics, scratchboard and even glass fusing and slumping.
Around seven years ago I decided it was time to dedicate real time to my art practice and began classes with Ron Reynolds. At that time, I was working with ink on paper. In order to loosen up my drawing style, he took me outside to find a rough piece of bark from a mulch pile. Taking me back inside he said, 'Try that.'


Bronwen Hunt with her oil painting 'A New Day'

Bronwen won 3rd Prize in the 2022 VAS Mavis Little Artist of the Year Exhibition

Photography by Ron Smith OAM HON FVAS, VAS Councillor, Victorian Artists Society

That was the stretch I needed. Playing with different styles, and trying a number of different mediums, I began to settle on oil with a cold wax medium on board. Where possible, I start with observational sketches on site and then revisit these in my studio. Whilst remaining largely figurative, my work now pays homage to contemporary art theory and is influenced by the likes of, Andrew Wyatt, Van Gough, Fred Williams, Marino Marini, Mark Rothko, Margaret Preston and Edward Schiele.
My subject matter is quite diverse and includes landscape, figure, still life and animal studies. My influences here are also easily traced. My husband’s work has afforded me the opportunity to travel extensively and enjoy a range of diverse experiences on almost every continent. But there’s no place like home and we now live on a semi-rural property in Melbourne’s outer north-east where my studio looks out onto a valley. Surrounded by so many natural delights, inspiration is not hard to find.


'A Little Glass of Sunshine', oil on board by Bronwen Hunt


'The Poet', oil on board by Bronwen Hunt

I enjoy looking for something beautiful in the everyday, something good in the midst of difficulty, or something significant in the obscure such as the lost look of an old dog, the warmth of a café, the finest hour of a pond lily or the vast chasm that is the Grand Canyon.
I also like to capture the complexity yet necessity of addressing some of humanity’s great challenges. Without pointing a finger, I try to express those things that have moved me deeply in a way that brings us together behind a cause.
Ultimately my artwork is framed by rich relationships with family and friends. Those who know me as 'Bron, Honey, Mum and Nana”, help to keep my identity rooted in something far deeper than what I do and how well I paint.'


'In Sync', enamel on canvas by Bronwen Hunt


'The Last Dance', oil on board by Bronwen Hunt


'The Meeting Place', oil on board by Bronwen Hunt


'Walk to Ndola', oil on board by Bronwen Hunt

Works by Bronwen Hunt

Bronwen Hunt_A New Day_AOTY 2022
A New Day
Bronwen Hunt
$ 6,000.00
Bronwen Hunt_Warm September_AOTY 2022
Warm September
Bronwen Hunt
$ 1,900.00
Bronwen Hunt_Lady in Red_AOTY 2022
Lady in Red
Bronwen Hunt
$ 1,750.00
The Orange horse
Bronwen Hunt
90cm (W) x 90cm (H) x 4cm (D)
$ 1,200.00
Bronwen Hunt
120cm (W) x 120cm (H) x 4cm (D)
Oil on board
$ 2,500.00
Out Of The Blue
Bronwen Hunt
92cm (W) x 92cm (H) x 2cm (D)
Oil on board
$ 2,650.00
A Moment In Time
Bronwen Hunt
60cm (W) x 60cm (H) x 4cm (D)
Oil and cold wax medium on cradled board
$ 1,100.00
Three Lemons
Bronwen Hunt
Oil and cold wax medium on cradled board
$ 950.00
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