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Learn how to create a finished and professional looking artwork using the indirect painting method and glazing technique with acrylic paint!

This workshop is designed to show students a step by step process using the indirect painting method which involves the artist applying layers of glaze onto a drawing or underpainting to subtly alter the colours and tones. Both the drawing and underpainting will be accurate, detailed and the light and dark areas will be established at the same time.


During the workshop, artists will:

  • Learn to paint their artwork surface with a neutral pigmented wash to cancel out the white.

  • Use reference material to understand composition, shape and form through a rough sketch.

  • Transfer/paint the contours of their subject onto the freshly pigmented art surface.

  • Learn to create a basic underpainting to establish depth. Using the same tone used for the contour layer, students mix it with glazing medium (1:1) and apply shadow tones to their subject. This process is repeated with titanium white and glazing medium (1:1) to establish the highlighted areas of the subject.

  • Depending on time, artists can also choose one cool hue and one warm hue to repeat the underpainting process, establishing greater depth and contrast.

  • Adding colour through applying glazed layers to the subject. Small opaque highlights are added to finish.

Acrylic Painting & Glazing

Friday 19 Jan 2024, 11:00 AM - 4:30 PM 11:00 am – 4:30 pm
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$ 150.00

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$ 150.00

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Artist & Tutor
Lucy Fekete Profile Image
Lucy Fekete
Lucy has been a Fine Artist and Illustrator for 15+ years. She now teaches regularly as an art tutor at VAS, covering classes in oil painting, acrylic and drawing, with a focus on portraiture. 

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