VAS Gallery invites Victorian Artists to join our 2024 9x5 Exhibition running from 5 July to 5 August 2024.

The original iconic impressionism exhibition in 1889 was organised and featured paintings by VAS artists Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts and Charles Conder, who painted on cigar box lids 9 by 5 inches in size.

Paying homage to this important part of Victorian art history, we invite artists from across Victoria in all mediums and styles to put their own spin on the 9x5 legacy.  


The 9x5 Exhibition is open to all artists nationally over the age of 16 and VCE students. 

Artworks must be created on the 9x5 board supplied by the Victorian Artists Society.  

Important Dates 

  • All applications to participate must be received by: Friday 14 June 2024 
  • Boards can be posted to participants up until Wednesday 5 June 2024 after which they can still be collected from our galleries until Tuesday 25 June.
  • All completed works must be received at VAS by close of business Friday 28 June 2024. (if submitting entries by post, we recommended posting all completed artworks at least 2 weeks prior to Friday 28 June 2024).
  • Artists will be notified of rejected submissions via email by Wednesday 3 July 2024. Unsuccessful works must be collected by Friday 12 July, unless an addressed and prepaid return envelope is provided. 
  • Awards will be announced and presented at an opening event on Saturday 13 July from 2pm.
  • Exhibition ends on Monday 5 August.  
  • All exhibited works must be collected by 9 August 2024, unless an addressed and prepaid return envelope is provided.


  • First Prize $1,000
  • Best Traditional Work (Bob Senior Award): $500
  • Second Prize: $500
  • Third Prize $300
  • Two Young Artist Prizes for $200 each (for artists of 25 and younger)

How to Enter

Entering the 9x5 Exhibition is a two-step process. All entries are to be made online. 

i. Registration: 

Register your application to participate in the 9x5 exhibition using the

Registration for this exhibition is $25. Each entry includes the 9x5 board. 

You need to register to receive your official 9x5 board. 

ii. Submission: 

Submit the details of your completed artwork/s using the online submission system. Each entry will require a title, medium, price and image. 

Entrants will receive a link to the online submission form following their registration and purchase of boards.

Once the digital submission is complete, you will need to either drop the work off at the VAS Gallery before close of business Friday 28 June 2024 or post the work in time to arrive before Friday 28 June.

Entries must be submitted on the official boards provided by VAS.

Selection of Winners 

The Judges will select the finalists for the exhibition from digital images of each artwork entered. The winners will then be judged from the finalists selected. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence or dispute will be entered into by the judges.

Artwork Specifications 

Artworks must be created on the 9x5 board supplied by the Victorian Artists Society.  

All mediums except digital will be accepted. The artwork must not contain sexually explicit, religiously offensive or culturally insensitive content.  

Artworks must be signed by the artist. All artworks must be original and must not be the property of a third party.  

Artwork must be dry at the time of submission.  

Completed works must be unframed with no hanging wires on the back.  

Please clearly label the back of your artwork with your name, title of the artwork, medium, and price in capital letters. Labels will be provided by VAS. These are to be glued to the back of the board.

Artworks that do not meet our criteria will be rejected at the discretion of the Victorian Artists Society. 

Number of Entries 

Artists may submit up to four (4) artworks.  

Entry Fee 

Each entry is for one (1) artwork.  

Entry Fee: $25 – includes one 9x5 board 


9x5 boards, which are included in your entry fee, can be collected from the Victorian Artists Society at: 

430 Albert Street, East Melbourne VIC  3002.  

Alternatively, you can have your board posted to you for an additional $5 to cover postage. Please select this option at the time of entry. Please allow sufficient time to receive your board and create your artwork before the closing date. Boards will NOT be posted after Wednesday 5 June 2024.

Delivery of artworks 

All participating artists are expected to deliver the works in person or to be received by VAS by post before close of business Friday 28 June 2024.

Completed artworks will only be accepted from registered entrants.

Sale of Artworks and Commission 

Entries may be offered for sale at the artist’s discretion. A 28% commission applies to all artworks sold. The sale price indicated on the entry form must remain fixed and take into account the commission of 28%. If an artwork is not for sale, please mark it clearly with NFS on the back.

Minimum sale price of $50.  

Notification of Success & Awards 

Entrants will be notified whether their artwork/s will be displayed in the exhibition by Wednesday 3 July.  

If you are unsuccessful, artworks must be collected by Friday 12 July or have had an addressed and pre-paid package provided at the time of submission to be posted back.  

Awards will be announced and presented at a High Tea event on Saturday 13 July 2024 from 2pm.  

Reproduction of Images 

The Victorian Artists Society reserves the right to use the digital images of entries, and photographs of artworks in the exhibition for the purposes of promotion and documentation.  

Exhibition Period & Collection 

Finalists’ entries must be displayed for the entire exhibition period from 10am to 4pm 

Friday 5 July – Monday 5 August 2024.  

Unsold works can either be collected from the gallery, or if an addressed and pre-paid package is provided at the time of drop off, they can be sent back to the artist.  

The collection day is Tuesday 6 August from 10am until 3pm. Uncollected works will not be stored by the gallery after a period of 2 weeks.